Heal Yo Self: Green Tea

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The uses of GREEN TEA are vast!  The beauty of this herb is that it can be used in a variety of ways to help so many different things that people struggle with on a regular basis!

BODY TYPES that BENEFIT most from green tea!

If you feel hot, thirsty, easily agitated, and have a red complexion.

BODY TYPES that should AVOID green tea!

If you feel cold, have no thirst, and are calm and relaxed in nature.


Green tea can treat anything that has a hot, swollen, and inflammatory basis to it because green tea is a cooling diuretic herb that is also astringent. 

Cooling means that it clears heat/ toxicity from the body and more specifically from the liver, stomach, and spleen.  Diuretic means that it promotes the removal of toxins from the body through urination.  Astringent means that it is constricting and drying, so it is good for red hot swelling of the joints and smelly diarrhea.   

LIST of things green tea can treat:

Acid reflux from an ulcer or too much acidity as opposed to too little acidity

Constipation and constipation type IBS

Foul smelling diarrhea

Bad Breath

Anxiety and Irritability

Red swollen joints form an injury, gout, or rheumatoid arthritis (boil green tea leaves. drink the water and apply green tea leaves topically and wrap in plastic wrap. Leave overnight)

Puffy eyes or swollen puffy face that occurs in the heat or summer.

Red and painful cystic acne (boil green tea leaves. drink the water and apply green tea leaves topically.  Leave on acne for 30 minutes)

Flank pain from liver and gallbladder congestion due to a high fat, fried foods, and high alcohol diet.

Restless Insomnia and difficulty staying asleep.  Great for people who wake multiple times during the night.  Drink in the morning, but not in the afternoon to promote calmness at night.


Best Season to Drink Green Tea

Spring and summer because the weather is transitioning from cold to warm and later to hot.

Drink green tea in the spring to prepare your body for the hot summer!


My favorite Green Tea:  Yogi Green Tea

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