Body, Mind, and Spirit: Physical Symptoms Associated with Being Ungrounded

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Body, Mind, and Spirit: Physical Signs You are Not Grounded/ Signs and Symptoms of Being Ungrounded

Ungrounded people are typically seen as spacey, flighty, or scattered, but there are also many physical symptoms associated with being ungrounded.

People who are steeped in the world of energy and alternative healing are well aware of the term ‘grounded.’  Many clients have heard it time and time again, but

do you really know what it means and can you recognize the physical signs and symptoms of being ungrounded?

As mentioned above, being ungrounded does not only refer to being flighty, spacey, or scattered.  Yes, these are big tell tale signs, but there are people who may not seem ungrounded psychologically that still exhibit physical symptoms associated with being ungrounded.

What does it mean to be ungrounded?

Being ungrounded means you are not grounded in your body, your heart, or the earth.  You may be highly intellectual and your mind may take precedence over your body.  You are most likely the type of person that does not take a balanced approach to life.  Your diet is most likely devoid of blood, bone, and muscle building foods, you probably spend too much time worrying, and you may rely too much on an external power like God, Gods, Guides, Angels, or Spirit for answers; without checking back in with your body and heart for the answer that truly resonates with you. 

Activities that can make you ungrounded:

Using your eyes too much- looking at a computer screen or cell phone all day, going to bed after 11pm, worrying, analyzing, second guessing yourself. Too much work and not enough play/joy/laughter. Always daydreaming and not taking action.  Not enough exercise, specifically weight lifting.  Too much cardio can make you ungrounded.  Not spending enough time outside amidst the green trees and warm sun.  Eating too much pasta, bread, baked goods, white flour.  Not eating meat and not eating enough root vegetables, dark leafy greens, and dark colored fruit

Physical Manifestations of Being Ungrounded:

Cold Feet, cramping in your feet and calves, leg pain, lower back pain that is dull and achy.  Infertility, loose stool, organ prolapse, rectal prolapse, bloating, nausea, shallow breathing/ an inability to take a deep breath in.  Dizziness, vertigo, ringing in the ears/tinnitus, headaches, F=feeling of heat in the torso, face, and head, red complexion, anxiety, night sweats, spontaneous sweating during the day, acne, hair loss and premature greying.  

You may not have every single sign and symptom on this list, but if you have 3 or more, I would say it’s definitely time to get grounded! 

Foods you can eat to get grounded:

Meat!  I know this can be difficult for many to hear, but meat is the most grounding food because it nourishes your blood, bones, and helps you build muscle.  Many times it is the missing link when it comes to eating a more grounding diet.  You don’t have to eat a ton of it.  Just once or twice a week have some grass-fed red meat. 

Root vegetables!  Sweet potatoes, squash, beets, and carrots.  Eat them cooked, not raw.

Dark and Leafy Greens like kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, artichokes

Berries- black berries, blue berries, raspberries, goji berries

Fruit- plums, prunes, figs, persimmons

Spices- ginger and cinnamon

Tea- green tea, berry detox tea, ginger tea, lemon ginger tea, cinnamon spice tea

Supplements- magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, cod liver oil, probiotics, 5-HTP, and pharmaGABA, digestive enzymes taken on an empty stomach. 

I have linked some of my favorite supplements below:

Neurolink– contains 5-HTP and other serotonin precursors to keep you grounded.

Pharma GABA– natural source of GABA that crosses the blood brain barrier.

Cod Liver Oil– Nowegian cod-liver oil for Omega-3!

Vitamin D and Calcium– Keep your bones healthy (the most grounding supplement)

Magnesium, L-Theanine, and GABA – Support brain health to calm anxiety

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